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How to Plan a Casino Party Night

E Casino Party has come up with the following casino party tips to help you plan a successful casino party night.

  1. Number of Guests:

    The number of guests is a primary key, it affects location, dinner plans, number of casino tables and entertainment. Accurately determining the number of guests can not only help to maximize the success but also to minimize the cost.

  2. Date & Time:

    Avoid conflicts with other major events that could lessen the number of guests. The larger your group the harder it will be to find a date that will not conflict with anything. Note that Friday's and Saturday's are usually the best day's and particularly successful for fund raisers. However, weekday parties are usually easer to book on short notice, and could be less costly. Corporate and private event planners should be aware that December is a very busy month, most weekends are booked early in the year, so plan well ahead for your December parties. We understand that it is not always possible to plan that far in advance. If you only have a few day's to put your party together, submit your information so we can find a casino provider in your area with availability.

  3. Location:

    Location will vary depending on your needs, from the grand ballroom at one of the finest hotels to a private home. In choosing your location some of the keys are:

    • Accessibility - keep in mind wheather conditions & parking availability.
    • Facility - Large enough to accommodate your party, dining and casino activities comfortably.
    • Ambiance - If it is a black tie affair, or western wear, or somewhere in between you want the location to compliment the theme.
    • Budget - Early planning, weekday scheduling, or outlying locations may help keep your costs in line.

  4. Decor & Theme:

    For a casino theme party night, the casino gaming tables provide the basic decor. Additional decorations such as banners, large playing cards for the wall, and other decorations can be added. You may want the dealers to dress in a specific theme such as the roaring 20's or western gunslingers. Submit your information and ask a casino party operator in your area for som suggestions.

  5. Dinner & Snack's:

    When entertaining guest for 3 or 4 hours it is essential to offer some form of food, refreshments, and drinks. This can range from a sit down or banquet style dinner to finger food or snack's. If you need assistance with catering submit your information and ask a casino party provider in your area for help.

  6. Entertainment:

    A casino night is not only entertaining...... it's exciting!

    Submit your information and casino party operators in your area will discuss with you the right type of games along with the optimum number of each. You will want to see full action on each and every table.

  7. Awards & Prizes:

    Prizes can be as elaborate as a new car, a Plasma TV, a trip to Las Vegas, or a weekend getaway. They can also be as simple as a dinner certificate, an award plaque, or a gag gift. It's not necessarily the value of the gift, but the thrill of winning that people enjoy.

    Awarding of the prizes should take place towards the end of the evening, and last only 20 to 40 minutes. Keep a fast moving pace to the end.

    Fund Raising Tips:

    There are many local merchants that may be more than willing to assist in sponsoring your event, either in sponsorship of a gaming table for a cash donation, or donating a prize for the giveaway. Gaming table sponsorship recognition could be indicated by placing a placard at the table. Prize sponsorship could be recognized by making an announcement as the prize is awarded. In either case you should include all sponsors in any printed materials.

    We at E Casino Party hope you found this information usefull please submit your information or contact us directly if you require further assistance in planning your casino party night, or casino party fund-raising event.

    Thank you,
    E Casino Party

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